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People want things that are hard to find. Things that have romance and practicality about them. Twenty years ago people on the river began asking me for things they could bring home, so I started a small gift shop at our grocery supply barge for the towboat industry with one T-shirt design. Now it has grown into a bigger gift shop -- unique with special gifts and lots of designs. Probably one of the best kept secrets on the river. It has evolved year by year, idea by idea!

I hope you will find the selections irresistible for yourself and your gift giving needs. There is nobody else like you in the world! Or is there? Be sure to tell your friends about this site.

If you are looking for a special something or a certain size and you do not find it here, just contact me and maybe I can find it for you.

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Sharon Stai

Anything less and you get your money back. Period.


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